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Zipline Catalina Island at Night!

[ad name=”320×100″]California ziplining reached a new high on December 16, 2011, with the introduction of Santa Catalina Island’s Zipline Night Tour. Available on Friday and Saturday evenings, this “Night Zip” – the Golden State’s first — offers two hours of exciting and eco-focused fun. Glowing reviews are coming in fast, and every-day operation for this unique addition to the already spectacular selection of Orange County tourist attractions is set to begin in the spring.

Imagine stepping off the platform (which is equipped with sustainable solar lighting for your safety, by the way) and then gliding into total darkness beneath a canopy of the moon and stars. You’ll soar at heights up to 300 feet above the canyon floor and travel over 40 mph on five separate lines that traverse about three-quarters of a mile. Talk about breathtaking!

And, to add a bit of education to this awesome adventure, you’ll find guides stationed at each of the platforms to share information about this Southern California island’s fascinating history, culture and ecological diversity, including its nocturnal wildlife — of which YOU are now officially a member!

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Since night filming is problematic, you’ll just have to use your imagination as you watch the shot-in-daylight Catalina zipline video below.

After viewing it, if you’re like us, you’ll be thinking “full moon” and “soft summer night” and then perhaps begin to plan an Orange County vacation for Summer 2012.

Santa Catalina Night Zipline details can be found here; reservations are strongly recommended.