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Napa Valley Hotels

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Napa Valley is a hugely popular vacation destination in Wine Country — partly because it doesn’t have large, generic-looking hotels like those you’d find in any American city.

Instead, it offers small hotels on downtown squares, reminiscent of Old West movies. It has luxurious spas and resorts. It has B&Bs of all types, quaint inns, vacation rentals, ranch living quarters, cottages and guesthouses.

It has budget accommodations and, yes, it has hotels run by the national chains, too. So, first, you need to decide what sort of hotel you are looking for in the Napa Valley. This page will help you decide.


View of the Napa Valley vineyards

On-Vineyard Accommodations. As you look at the wineries you might visit, consider that some are associated with on-site lodgings. Meritage and Silverado wineries both have resort-level hotels associated with them, but these two are not the only ones. A good example of a mid-priced alternative is the RustRidge Ranch and Winery that offers rustic B&B cabins and an off-the-beaten-path location, and Milat Estates is another you might want to consider.

Boutique Inns. Napa Valley is home to a huge number of wonderfully restored Inns and hip, small hotels. Because the towns of Yountville and Napa are among the oldest in the Valley, most of the options for this type of accommodation properties are found in those two towns, although St. Helena offers some, as well. For a truly unique Wine Country experience, please do consider these hotels and inns. Many vacation destinations don’t offer this sort of intimate, edgy sort of lodging, and it’s an enjoyable change of pace.

With 12 to 30 rooms, these inns are often run by families and each offers its own unique views, prices and amenities. There are famous ones like La Belle Epoch in downtown Napa, but the nearby Hennessey House bed and breakfast is just as quaint and a bit less expensive.

Silverado Winery and Resort

Spas and Resorts. Napa Valley is world famous for having wonderful retreats that can soothe the body and the mind with massage, yoga, fabulous meals, outdoor activities and eye-pleasing vistas in every direction. All have pools, health/beauty services, hot tubs, pristine locales and superb dining, and some are adjacent to golf courses. Perfect for a romantic getaway, family reunion, wedding or corporate retreat, you should definitely consider a spa/resort if a primary goal for your Napa vacation is to refresh and renew your spirit and your body.

Vacation Rentals. We often enjoy renting a condo or a house, especially when we stay in a place for a week or more. If you are staying for more than a couple days, you may want to look at vacation rentals. Again, Napa doesn’t offer generic condos. There are cottages on working ranches, small Victorian houses in downtown Napa, one-bedroom bungalows and a townhouse in downtown Calistoga for your consideration. Especially if you want or need a kitchen for your stay and/or more than one bedroom, Napa vacation rentals offer just-like-home comforts (but no hotel services, although housekeeping services can sometimes be arranged).

If all of these options seem overwhelming, there are travel agents and concierge services that will help you find the perfect location for your visit. They can also suggest activities to suit your particular interests and match up one of the many Napa hotel alternatives to the rest of your itinerary.

Photo of Napa Valley vineyards view by jitze via flickr (Creative Commons) and Photo of Silverado Winery and Resort by r3v || cls via flickr (Creative Commons).

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