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Napa Vacations by Bicycle

Napa is known for wonderful landscapes, lovely lodging alternatives, and of course, wine.  But how friendly is it to bicycles?

It’s getting friendlier, that’s for sure! In April 2010, the “Napa Valley Vine Trail” was commenced – a proposed 44-mile, multi-use path that, if the 10-year plan comes to fruition, will start at the Vallejo ferry and end in Calistoga, passing through Yountville, Napa and St. Helena along the way.  Only the Yountville section is open now, but other sections are underway.

In the video below, Chuck McMinn, the executive director of the Napa Valley Vine Trail discusses the route:

When it’s done, cyclists will be able to ride the ferry from San Francisco to Vallejo and travel completely car-free (as well as care-free) through the Napa Valley.   So, on  your next Napa vacation, you might want to consider going by bicycle or at least enjoying one on your visit.

The cycling culture in Napa is also boosted by Velo Vino, a new shop in St. Helena catering to people enthusiastic about cycling and wine (and the good life).  Owned by the family that brings you Clif bars, Velo Vino is a great central location for cycling tours ranging from easy to hard.

Tip of the hat to the folks at 7×7 (7×, who created the following Napa vacation bicycling tourist maps (using Google maps) for our convenience:

  • Pope Valley Loop (advanced): 40-mile ride. See Pope Valley Loop in a larger map
  • Cold Springs Loop (Advanced/Intermediate): 24-mile ride.  See Cold Springs Loop in a larger map
  • Old Howell Mountain Road (Advanced/Intermediate): 11-mile ride. See Old Howell Mountain Road in a larger map
  • Franz Valley Loop (Intermediate): A highly customizable, 41-mile ride.  See Franz Valley Loop in a larger map
  • Nichelini Loop (Intermediate) 30 miles. See Nichelini Loop in a larger map
  • Con Valley Lake Hennessy (Intermediate/Beginner): 12-miles. See Con Valley Lake Hennessy in a larger map

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