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Napa Underground Dining

Underground Wine Tasting at Castello di Amorosa

Are you ready to exercise (exorcise?) your inner James Bond? How about a secret rendezvous with other gourmet diners, once a month, at a selected and selective location in Wine Country? Does that appeal to you?

This just might be the event around which you’ll want to organize your entire Napa vacation! (By the way, the photo here is actually an underground wine tasting and is not likely to be the underground dining location.)

If so, a new service called Napa Valley Dinner Underground might be just the ticket for you. As described by a source at Urban Daddy in a recent post:

The exact whereabouts of the dinner, the chef prepping the meal and the wines being poured aren’t revealed until your arrival. But you’re in good hands—specifically, the hands of Mark, the founder….

Here’s how it works: Mark and his team will email you with the designated gathering point. Once there, you’ll meet your chauffeur and ride to the precise spot. And yes, they can arrange transportation from [San Francisco]. Read more

This looks like a whole lot of fun and a great way to discover great new chefs and dishes in Wine Country. And maybe meet some interesting people, too.

Photo of Underground Wine Tasting at Napa Valley’s Castello di Amorosa by minnibeach via flickr (Creative Commons).

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