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Movies Filmed at Lake Tahoe

Several movies have used this popular California vacation destination as a filming location, the first of which was 1924’s ‘Rose-Marie’ (famous for Jeanette McDonald’s rendition of the song “Indian Love Call”). Here’s a clip:

You can also witness Lake Tahoe’s beauty in a movie filmed 50 years later – the Oscar-winning ‘Godfather II’ starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. In that film, the wedding and infamous “horse head” scenes took place at Fleur de Lac on the lake’s west shore. The private home is not open to the public, but here’s a video tour of that infamous ‘Godfather’ house:

Another well-known film that featured Lake Tahoe is 1992’s ‘The Bodyguard’ starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Fallen Leaf Lake, a relatively small lake (compared to Lake Tahoe) that’s located between Emerald Bay State Park and Washoe State Park on Tahoe’s south shore, was where the pop singer and her entourage retreated for a break from Los Angeles. Here’s a clip from ‘The Bodyguard’ where the lake makes a couple of brief appearances:

Fallen Leaf Lake also made an appearance in ‘City of Angels’ starring Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan.

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If you plan to watch any of these movies, you should do so before your Tahoe vacation. Believe me: you won’t want to spend your time there inside watching movies. You’ll want to be outside, enjoying the lake and the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains!

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