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[ad name=”320×100″]California ziplining reached a new high on December 16, 2011, with the introduction of Santa Catalina Island’s Zipline Night Tour. Available on Friday and Saturday evenings, this “Night Zip” – the Golden State’s first — offers two hours of exciting and eco-focused fun. Glowing reviews are coming in fast, and every-day operation for this [...]

[ad name=”320×100″] We got a color TV in about 1962, and there were only a few shows being broadcast in color.  Bonanza.  The NBC Peacock.  And the Sunday night “Wonderful World of Color” from Disney. Little did I know then how Walt Disney had pioneered early artistic use of color technologies, back as early as [...]

[ad name=”320×100″] Disneyland, like many theme parks and tourist destinations, doesn’t allow dogs and family pets inside the park.  They do allow “service animals” — that is, ones that assist the blind (a.k.a “seeing eye dogs”), the deaf or epileptic (“alert animals”) and the disabled (“companion animals”). Follow this link to read the information published [...]

Fido is as much a member of the family as anyone. We get that. And we know you probably want to take him along, even on your Napa vacation. We have great news: Fido is welcome! Over 50 California Wine Country wineries are now “dog friendly,” although sanitation concerns may impose limitations on your visit, [...]

On July 16th, 2011, the Napa Valley spa town, Calistoga, will celebrate the 125th anniversary of its founding with a one-day blast of food, song, awards and a raft of activities for all members of the family . The town started, and was named, in an unusual way: In 1861, a wealthy San Francisco millionaire [...]

Your image of a romantic time might include a canoe, a lake, a moonlit evening and perhaps some serenading of your loved one. But here’s a new twist: You can take your loved one to a lavish dinner in Wine Country by canoe! This might make a great idea for your Napa vacation. Rent or [...]

[ad name=”320×100″] Debi and I visited the TCHO (pronounce “Cho” with a long ‘o’ — sounds like “show”) chocolate factory in San Francisco. The TCHO facility is built on a pier (Pier 17) jutting into the San Francisco Bay, not far from Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, offering residents and visitors alike yet another San [...]

There has been a steady growth of the number of ziplines in California. This video report from a Los Angeles TV station takes viewers on one up in Big Bear, and you can see what it feels like from his “helmet cam.” [ad name=”300x250R”] Maybe during your next Big Bear getaway, you can try this [...]

Are you ready to exercise (exorcise?) your inner James Bond? How about a secret rendezvous with other gourmet diners, once a month, at a selected and selective location in Wine Country? Does that appeal to you? This just might be the event around which you’ll want to organize your entire Napa vacation! (By the way, [...]

[ad name=”320×100″] San Diego’s Coronado Beach is ranked #2 in Dr. Beach’s 2011 list of the Best Beaches in America. It was the only beach in California to have been recognized in the top ten nationwide. Dr. Steven Leatherman (aka Dr. Beach), is director of Florida International University’s laboratory for coastal research. His critique for [...]