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San Diego Vacation and Travel Guide

The articles below will help you decide where to go and what to do when you visit the San Diego area. You can also check out our California vacation articles for a more general discussion of the state’s abundant travel adventures, activities and amenities.

San Diego Vacation Ideas

About three million people live in San Diego County, roughly a thirdof those in the city of San Diego, itself. California’s…

San Diego Amusement / Theme Parks

There is no shortage of fun places to go and fun things to do in San Diego. So, grab your spirit of adventure and…

San Diego Museums

Given San Diego’s historical significance as “the birthplace of California” (the site of the first non-native, permanent…

San Diego Tourist Attractions

The first section below will introduce attractions in and around the center city and downtown area; thereafter…

Best San Diego Area Beaches

San Diego County, the southernmost part of Southern California, has a spectacular coastline, populated by 37…