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Central California Visitor’s Guide

This Central California Vacations guide covers two diverse and important areas of the state — the extraordinarily beautiful coast (which includes everything between Monterey/Carmel and Santa Barbara) and the extraordinarily bountiful valley to the east of it (sometimes referred to as \”America\’s Fruit Basket\”). Scroll down to view all of the articles available about the two areas, or you can click on one of the links below to learn more about either the coast or the valley:

California Central Coast Vacations

California Central Valley Vacations

Central Valley 2019 /2020 Food, Beer and Wine Festivals

Here is a list of festivals and events that focus around food, wine and beer.

Central Coast 2021 Food Festivals and Wine Events

You can have a tasty Central Coast trip anytime, but add and food and/or wine festival into the mix and have fun with the locals!

Central Valley Vacation Ideas

The verdant Central Valley is known more for its agricultural productivity than for tourist destinations, but there’s…

Central Coast Vacation Ideas

This Central Coast vacation and travel guide will introduce you to the coastal region of California located between…

Best Central Coast Beaches

After the highways turn inland at Gaviota State Beach, travelers are foreclosed from easily seeing the beautiful…

Best Santa Barbara Area Beaches

Going toward Santa Barbara from the south, the first beach in the area is in Carpenteria. (Rincon is technically in…