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Canoe or Kayak Your Way To Dinner?

Kayakers on the Napa River

Your image of a romantic time might include a canoe, a lake, a moonlit evening and perhaps some serenading of your loved one. But here’s a new twist: You can take your loved one to a lavish dinner in Wine Country by canoe!

This might make a great idea for your Napa vacation. Rent or borrow a canoe (or other shallow draft boat). They may be available for rent at some of the Napa Valley hotels we cover. And take your romantic partner to dinner by boat:

Recently opening in downtown Napa (at the Oxbow Market) is The Kitchen Door, a restaurant with a fine patio. And it borders the Napa River, right next door to Hog Island. We haven’t yet confirmed that the banks of the river or the docking facilities are fully ready for the water-borne arrival of couples on romatic getaways, but we think it’s pretty cool that you could make a grand entrance on a canoe.

I suppose if you are really adventurous, you could arrive by kayak, too.

The patio has an open-fire rotisserie, a wood-burning fireplace and a full scale pizza oven, so even if you are a bit wet, you can stay warm.

The Hog Island Oyster company, a short walk away, has happy hour oysters, too.

That, a fine meal at the Kitchen Door, and June / moon / croon ride home would make for a romantic evening, no?

Photo of Kayakers on the Napa River by markbult via flickr (Creative Commons).

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