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Disneyland Hotel Pool Almost Ready

The Neverland Pool at the Disneyland Hotel looks like it is nearing completion. Announced last year, the upgrades to the pool are very extensive. The original Disneyland sign, in recognizable block letters (like the old Hollywood sign) is being recreated and placed atop a tower that will also serve as the support for some fabulous new water slides. This is just one of the many upgrades going on throughout the Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland Hotel monorail pool _almost_ open for guests.  Ton... on Twitpic

A Twitterer posted a picture on 5/25/11 (shown here), and you can see the status and nearing completion. As you can see, the tower and sign are done, and the water slides — themed after the original monorails at Disneyland — are in place. They are 26 feet high and almost 200 feet long before they dump you ignominiously into the splash pool below.

The makeover will also create a mini-slide – just a few feet high and 20 feet long – for the little ones.

In another throwback to mid-20th-century, the verandas will be outfitted in a Tahitian theme, complete with cabanas and the “Tahitian Terrace” restaurant, which will complement two new eateries easily accessible to the pool area.

There will also be a new water play area connected to the pool via a bridge and small water access route. The entire renovations are not due to be completed until next summer, although the restaurants and new water play area are due to open very soon. Other hotels near Disneyland might be cheaper, but they won’t give you the same access to the Neverland Pool!

UPDATE: Check it out…

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