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Chocolate Factory Tour in San Francisco

If you were disappointed to learn there is no longer a San Francisco Ghirardelli chocolate factory tour (click to read our San Francisco Chocolates article for more information about Ghirardelli), we have some very good news for you. First, though, here’s a video of the chocolate-making equipment that still remains at Ghirardelli Square, a historical tourist attraction of sorts.

And, here’s some more good news: it’s a very short video!

TCHO chocolate factory tour

There’s really no reason to be disappointed that Ghirardelli chocolate factory tours are not available in San Francisco because now you can take part in a very up-to-date, 21st century chocolate factory tour – a tour of TCHO Chocolates. What’s even cooler is that the tour (and tasting!) is free. Those two words – free and chocolate – go rather nicely together, don’t you think?

The TCHO chocolate factory tour takes place at the company’s facility on Pier 17, and you can review all the TCHO tour details and make reservations at the preceding link. We enjoyed their chocolate factory tour a few months back when we were in San Francisco and wrote about it on the San Francisco vacation blog; just follow the link if you’d like to learn more about our TCHO chocolate factory tour experience.

Other San Francisco Chocolate Tours and Tastings

While there is a San Francisco tour company ( that offers an organized introduction to some of San Francisco’s chocolatiers and establishments that put the beloved substance to good use, it’s not difficult to construct your own self-guided San Francisco chocolate tour, working in “chocolate fortification” stops along the way while you enjoy and explore other San Francisco attractions and activities. It’s really just a matter of what suits you. If you decide to go the self-guided route, our San Francisco Chocolates article will help you locate some of The City’s best chocolatiers.

It should also be noted here that it’s rumored Fog City News will soon offer chocolate classes and tours – covering topics like the origin of chocolate, how it is made and how to get the most from a tasting – so you may want to touch base with them before your San Francisco holiday. (You may want to read our San Francisco Chocolates article to learn why a news stand might offer chocolate classes and tours.)

Photo of TCHO chocolate factory tour by xeni via flickr (Creative Commons).

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