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These are shorter articles, often about events or news, listed in reverse chronological order, latest on top.

Anaheim Packing District Promises Culinary Delights

Before Orange County tourism became such an economic powerhouse, the area was best known for growing and distributing oranges. A new real estate development that incorporates buildings from that period – called the Anaheim Packing District – is set to open Summer 2012 in downtown Anaheim to celebrate the area’s agricultural history while simultaneously opening […]

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Zipline Catalina Island at Night!

California ziplining reached a new high on December 16, 2011, with the introduction of Santa Catalina Island’s Zipline Night Tour. Available on Friday and Saturday evenings, this “Night Zip” – the Golden State’s first — offers two hours of exciting and eco-focused fun. Glowing reviews are coming in fast, and every-day operation for this unique […]

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Disney’s World Of Color Celebrates First Anniversary

We got a color TV in about 1962, and there were only a few shows being broadcast in color.  Bonanza.  The NBC Peacock.  And the Sunday night “Wonderful World of Color” from Disney. Little did I know then how Walt Disney had pioneered early artistic use of color technologies, back as early as the 1937’s […]

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Service Animals and Pets at Disneyland Resort

Disneyland, like many theme parks and tourist destinations, doesn’t allow dogs and family pets inside the park.  They do allow “service animals” — that is, ones that assist the blind (a.k.a “seeing eye dogs”), the deaf or epileptic (“alert animals”) and the disabled (“companion animals”). Follow this link to read the information published by Disneyland […]

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Disneyland Hotel Pool Almost Ready

The Neverland Pool at the Disneyland Hotel looks like it is nearing completion. Announced last year, the upgrades to the pool are very extensive. The original Disneyland sign, in recognizable block letters (like the old Hollywood sign) is being recreated and placed atop a tower that will also serve as the support for some fabulous […]

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Disneyland Adds “Soundsational” Parade

“The happiest place on Earth” is not resting on its laurels.  The Disneyland Resort debuted Mickey’s Soundsational Parade on May 27th with the inaugural show, which got good reviews from guests. Mickey’s musical guests include many of the Disney characters including Peter Pan, Ariel, Aladdin, and Cinderella, as they follow Mickey “on a journey of […]

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